Adrienne Rice

Scottie Making Waves: Adrienne Rice

Master of Arts in Social Innovation, ‘22

The Call to Lead

There are not enough people of color in sustainable jobs. Someone has to change that.

  • 72% White
  • 15% Asian
  • 7% Latino
  • 6% Black

Claiming My Place

Rice founded Sustainable Georgia Futures in 2019, a nonprofit grassroots organization that creates pathways for a more diverse workforce in the green economy.

“We want to address two of our nation’s top issues—climate change and systemic racism—by creating viable pathways for communities of color, especially Black communities, to access jobs in the growing green economy.”
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How I Went Beyond The Books at Agnes Scott

“I was looking for something that combined business and social justice with a focus on starting a nonprofit. As I got into my classes, I tried to apply what I was learning to my nonprofit, and I was able to tailor a lot of my projects around what I needed to do.”
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Developing Inclusive Leadership

“There are some brilliant people in this program. I love the different perspectives they offer, which enables us to trade ideas.”
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Transforming Tomorrow

Sustainable Georgia Futures has already:

  • Been selected as a Justice40Accelerator participant
  • Received grants from the Energy Foundation
  • Graduated participants from its environmental climate justice fellowship program
  • Held multiple Climate justice education meetings to build consensus on key issues

Empower Women Of Every Identity To Claim Their Place