Dr. Laura Gutierrez-Spencer

Scottie Making Waves: Dr. Laura Gutierrez-Spencer

B.A. Spanish, ‘82

The Call to Lead

I want to increase access to Agnes Scott for more U.S. Latinas. Further increasing the diversity of the student body will benefit not only the scholarship recipients but will also enrich the entire campus community.

Claiming My Place

Dr. Gutierrez-Spencer is creating two new funds to further diversity and position students for economic mobility at Agnes Scott:

  • The Faculty Fund for U.S. Latino/Latin American/Spanish Studies
  • The U.S. Latina Scholarship Fund, providing needs-based tuition assistance

How I Went Beyond The Books at Agnes Scott

“My time at Agnes Scott challenged my own preconceptions, further sparked my interest in equity and gave me the motivation to pursue a career in academia.”
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“For the good of our country and our planet, the histories, languages, and cultures of the globe should be a central focus of our modern educational system.”
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Transforming Tomorrow

Dr. Gutierrez-Spencer’s gift is fighting systemic disparities:

  • Latinx enrollment at U.S. schools dropped 5.3% following the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Only 15% of Hispanic U.S. college students attend one of the 500 most selective colleges
  • 1 in every 4 U.S. elementary school students is Hispanic

14.4% of the Agnes Scott student body is Hispanic/Latina

Empower Women Of Every Identity To Claim Their Place