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Agnes Scott is Equipping Diverse Women Leaders to Lead the Way in Their Communities, Workplaces and World.

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How Agnes Scott Prepares Inclusive Leaders

With partner and donor support, our signature immersive curriculum goes beyond the books with global learning and leadership development, transforming students into social, political and economic game-changers and earning us the #1 ranking for innovation among liberal arts colleges five years in a row, according to US News & World Report.

How Agnes Scott Propels Women Leaders

Agnes Scott’s first-of-its-kind educational approach has produced hundreds of women executives in industries ranging from education to law, healthcare, international affairs and beyond, and our employer-partner network is key to their success. Our top-10 Social Mobility ranking reinforces Agnes Scott’s impact on student success after graduation.


I cannot say enough about the resources at Agnes Scott and how everyone here is always willing to help a Scottie… Everyone here is just always willing to give you their time and energy to really help you move forward.

Mallika Balakrishnan
Class of '19
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Agnes Scott proved to be an incredible partner for us in 2021, providing a great location and resources for our team of professional female athletes. The institution’s continued commitment to empowering women to grow and compete closely aligns with the values of the Dream, and we were proud to be a partner of Agnes Scott through the 2021 WNBA season.

Darius Taylor
Assistant General Manager, Atlanta Dream
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Alumna Success Stories

Dr. Kaela Singleton

Dr. Kaela Singleton is a developmental neuroscientist investigating Menkes disease, an Agnes Scott College adjunct professor, and co-founder of the nonprofit Black in Neuro.

One of the reasons I became a part of Black In Neuro was because after I left Agnes and went to graduate school, there weren’t that many, if any, Black neuroscientists around me.

Dr. Laura Gutierrez-Spencer

Dr. Laura Gutierrez-Spencer is creating two new funds to further diversity and position students for economic mobility at Agnes Scott.

My time at Agnes Scott challenged my own preconceptions, further sparked my interest in equity and gave me the motivation to pursue a career in academia.

For the good of our country and our planet, the histories, languages, and cultures of the globe should be a central focus of our modern educational system.

Adrienne Rice

Adrienne Rice founded Sustainable Georgia Futures in 2019, a nonprofit grassroots organization that creates pathways for a more diverse workforce in the green economy.

I was looking for something that combined business and social justice with a focus on starting a nonprofit. As I got into my classes, I tried to apply what I was learning to my nonprofit, and I was able to tailor a lot of my projects around what I needed to do.

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